Your 8-Day Plan

for Making Money on the Internet

(Book Excerpt)

By Ben Hart



NOTE: This is an excerpt from my new book THE INTERNET MONEY EXPLOSION: How to Get Rich on the Internet Without Much Effort. This book will be out in 45 days and is certain to be my fourth bestseller.


Please excuse typos. An editor is going through it now.



This program will take you three minutes to read and about eight days to put into effect.


Once you understand the basic concepts I’ll outline for you here, you then just build on this foundation.  So here it is: “Your 8-Day Plan For Making Money on the Internet.”


Day One


Find a good affiliate program on a subject that interests you


Just type “affiliate program” into Google and hundreds of affiliate programs will pop up in the listing.


An affiliate program is when you sell other people’s products and get a commission.  Most affiliate programs pay anywhere from a 20% to 40% commission.


The great virtue of an affiliate program is that you don’t have to worry about creating or developing a product. 


You just sell someone else’s product.   You don’t have to worry about shipping the product.  You don’t need to worry about customer service.  You don’t even need to have a shopping cart or a merchant account.


The company you represent takes care of all this for you.  Your commissions just show up in your bank account.  Or you get checks in the mail.  You don’t even have to worry about writing ads and sales letters.


You just link your readers to the sales letters of the company you are representing.  All you focus on is building your list and writing great articles for your blog on the topic of interest to your target audience.


More on that in a minute.


The key to success on Day One is to make sure you pick the right affiliate program. There are thousands of affiliate programs to choose from.  Almost every online business has an affiliate program.


Start by signing up as an affiliate to represent one product.  As you get the feel of it, you can add more products later.   And pick a product you yourself are using and have had a good experience with.


Choose a company that has generous payouts, that is fanatical about customer service, and that understands marketing.


You want to make sure you are partnering with a quality company that has a track-record of success with this product.  And it’s best to represent a product that has to do with your area of interest and your area of expertise.


Okay – so that’s your job for Day One. Sign up as an affiliate marketer for the product.


Day Two


Subscribe to an email broadcasting and autoresponder service.  And learn how to use it. 


You need this to broadcast your email messages.  Email is how you stay in touch with people on the list you’ll be building.  Email is how you bring people back to your website site over and over again.


There are lots email broadcast services out there.  I use and is also popular.  So you need an email broadcast service.


Whichever one you choose does a good job of walking you through the mechanics of how to use it.  So now your work for Day Two is complete.


Day Three


Put up a blog or an ezine.


A blog is the easiest kind of website to put up.  You need zero technical knowedge.  It’s much easier than using Microsoft Word.    A blog is an articles site.  The home page is a long scrolling page with one article after another.


So just head on over the  or and you can have a blog up on the Web in 12 minutes.  Your blog should zero in on a particular topic – a topic that is directly related the product or products you are selling.


80 percent of your blog should be articles that don’t sell anything.  Your great informative articles are what keep your readers coming back to your blog.


For more on blogging, read the chapter in this book titled “Blogging for Dollars.”


Having a blog is the easiest way to build your presence on the Internet fast.


Day Four


This is when you begin your advertising program.  You need an advertising program to build traffic for your site.  And you want the right traffic – people who are interested in the topic of your blog or ezine.


Go to several directories of ezines.


Look for ezines that are exactly on your topic.  Subscribe to those ezines.  Almost all of them are free.  This is a critical part of your market research.


You’ll find a good ezine directory at


There are others as well.  Within a few days, it will be obvious which are the quality ezines with a big readership.  And tells you how big the ezines are.


Contact the ezines that look right for your market and ask for an advertising rate card.


You want to find out how much it costs to run an ad.  It’s usually very cheap to run ads in ezines.  The types of ads ezines run are usually text ads, banner ads and classified ads.


Test some ads in select ezines and see how they do.  It’s a good idea to contact other advertisers you see advertising to ask how their ads are doing.  Make sure your ad takes those who click to a page with a sign-up form that offers something of value free for filling out for your form – such as a free ebook on the topic of your blog.


You’ll want to read my chapter on how to construct an effective landing page. 


This is a key link in your marketing chain because your ad and your landing page is how you build your list of email addresses so that you can follow-up and keep bringing people back to your blog.


Day Five


Sign up for a Google AdWords account.


This is the world’s biggest and best pay-per-click advertising program.  I spend 70% of my advertising dollars on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.


I love PPC advertising because I only pay when someone click on my ad and ends up on my site.  I only pay for performance.  The key to making PPC ads work is to pick the right keywords and phrases.


The way people find what they are looking for on the Internet is they type keywords and phrases into their browser and see what listings come up. 


The listings include PPC ads that fit these keywords and phrases that have just been typed.


So your key to success here is picking the right keywords and phrases that attract your most likely buyers.


Just like with your ads in ezines, you want your PPC ad on Google to take your clicker to a page where your sign-up form and free ebook offer is prominently featured.


Again, never take those who click on your ad to your general site.  Always take them to a landing page that is exactly in line with the subject of your Google PPC ad and the keywords your clicker has typed into her browser.


This is a page with a sign-up form – the entire purpose of which is to get people to fill out your form.  The way you do that is to offer a free ebook or a “white paper” that is exactly on their topic of interest.


Take a look at one of my landing pages at to see what I mean.


You have to give people a strong reason to want to fill out your sign up form. That’s your free ebook or “white paper.”


Remember . . . you are not trying to sell anything yet.  You are just trying to build readership for your blog.


To do this, it’s essential that you do everything in your creative power to capture the name and email address of your visitor.  Your list of email addresses will then become the readers of your blog or ezine.  So this is how you build your list.


Remember, those who know how to build a list rule on the Internet.


The name of the game for making money on the Internet is to build your email list of people interested in your topic – so that you can follow up and build your relationship with these people – so that you can let them know when you have posted a hot new article on your blog.


The other key is to keep your blog focused on that topic . . . because you know this is the topic of interest to people on your list.  And make sure you are tracking the results of your ads.


There are many ways to do this.  Google’s Conversion Tracker tool is very good.


You can also do it by having a different landing page for each ad you are running.


We won’t get much into the mechanics of tracking here.  The key point is that you must track the performance of your ads. 


You want to know how your ads are doing – whether you are losing or making money on each ad.    You want to stop running ads that are losing money and ramp up the ads that are making you money. It’s really as simple as that.


Day Six


On day six you want to look for discussion groups and discussion boards that are about your subject.   Don’t laugh.   This is a great way to build a list . . . and it’s FREE.


It just requires a little elbow grease and some time.


People in those discussion groups are usually fanatics about their subject. 


Take stamp collectors. Now, stamp collectors tend to be fanatical anyway.   But stamp collectors who spend time on stamp collector discussion boards are super-fanatics. 


Same with golfers, wine connoisseur, bowlers, dentists, skiers, tennis players, Internet marketers, Dante scholars, and a thousand other subjects.  You want to be on discussion boards that are on your topic – that is, the topic of your target audience. 


Get involved in the discussion.    And when someone asks a question you have the answer to, give your helpful answer – and then post a link in your message that takes people in the discussion to the squeeze page on your website to get your helpful and valuable free ebook on the subject.


You can actually build a big list of super-hot ready-to-buy leads very quickly this way.


Here’s how and why.


Let’s say you learn over time that the value of capturing a lead from this discussion group is $10 on average.    That is, 10% of these people who go to your sign-up page to get your free ebook end up buying $100 worth of product from you on average sometime over the next three months.


That means capturing just 10 leads from this group is the same as earning $100.


If you are able to capture 100 leads a day by doing this, that’s the same as earning $1,000 a day.  And that’s just from one list source.


A big key to making this work is to make sure you really get a feel for the discussion board or group before you start posting your comments.    Posting irrelevant comments is just a waste of time for you, won’t attract any interest, and you will be identified quickly as a discussion board spammer.  Not good.


Focus on the discussion boards that are exactly on your topic.  Be a genuine help to people in the discussion.  No one wants to be in a discussion with spammers.


So this is a great FREE way to build your list. And it’s amazingly effective. The quality of names you’ll get are very good.  It’s a great way to get started -- especially if you don’t have an advertising budget.


Day 7


Write a sequence of at least five email messages for your autoresponder.    If you don’t know what an autoresponder sequence is, your email broadcast service will explain it to you.


But this is just a sequence of emails that are written in advance.  When someone fills out your sign-up form, they should get a welcome message.


Later that day or the next day, they should get another message – perhaps an invitation to read an article on your blog.  On day three they get another message, on day five another message, etc.


Make your email messages 80 percent helpful tips . . . and only 20 percent links to sales pitches. 


If too many of your emails are links to sales pitches, people wills stop reading your emails.  Your emails should be short – three or four sentences of intriguing copy with a link that takes your reader to the article on your blog you want your readers to see. 


Four of your emails should take your readers to an interesting article you have just posted on your site for every one article that takes your reader to an outright sales pitch. 


As you begin see money coming in, don’t spend it at Bloomingdales or on a big fancy dinner. Instead, revinvest that money in your ads that are working.


Your standard for judging a successful ad will depend on your budget.  My standard is that I want to break even on my advertising within 30 days. 


This means my sales from the new names I acquire pay for my advertising within 30 days.  Every penny I make after that is then profit. 


With my current program, I double my money on my advertising about every 75 days. 


So that’s pretty good return on my money.  I don’t know many investors on Wall Street who are doing that well – doubling their money every 75 days like clockwork.  My Google AdWords bill alone is about $25,000 per month now.


But I don’t mind one bit because I cover that cost within 30 days from the new names that come in and sales that are made from those names.  And I double my money in 75 days on average.


If you have really deep pockets, you can build your list much faster if you are willing and able to wait 90 days to recover your advertising investment, or longer.  I like 30 days as my benchmark for the time it takes to break even on acquiring new names because that means I can finance my growth by using my American Express card.


There are several ways to structure your blog or ezine to make money.


One way is to have the articles run down the center of the page and to have the ads or links to ads run down the sides.  Another way is to have the ads look like articles – and have every fourth article be an ad for the products you are representing.


Even though the ad might have a headline and be designed to look like an article, it’s a good idea to actually write the  word “advertisement” right under the headline so that your readers don’t feel deceived.


A good ezine to look at that works like this is called “Early to Rise.”  You’ll find it at:


It’s a good ezine on how to be healthy and wealthy and is well worth reading.  Lots of good writing and good advice in there.  But the main reason for you to subscribe to it is so that you can see what I am talking about here – and how to make money with your blog or your ezine.


I believe every business needs a blog or an ezine – even if you are running a good old fashioned brick and mortar business, and even if you are not now bringing in any money over the Internet.


A blog full of informative articles establishes you as an expert at what you do.  If your blog is good, your clients and customers will enjoy reading it.  And you will always be the first to come to mind when they need your product or service.


Day 8


Now that you are having success and money is coming in the door, start looking for more products to represent as an affiliate marketer – products that fit nicely into your target market.


Now this is important.  Only represent products and services that you believe in, and that you are actually using; or you will lose credibility with your audience.


And there’s really no reason to push hard to sell these products.  Just make them available on your blog.  The reason people are coming to your blog is to read the articles.  So your focus should be on making the articles good and worth reading.


Think of your blog is like a newspaper.


A newspaper makes money by selling advertising.  But people read the newspaper not to read the ads, but to read the articles.  So your blog or your ezine needs to be like that.  You make money when someone clicks on one of your affiliate links and buys the product you are representing.  You get the credit because code is embedded in the link.


And there are other tracking mechanisms to make sure you get the commissions you are earning as an affiliate marketer.  We’re not going to get into the mechanics of tracking here.


The point to take away here is that one of the easiest way to make money on the Internet is to put up a blog focused on a specific topic; and to sign up as an affiliate marketer for products that you believe in and that fit in well with your market niche.


Enrolling in the Google AdSense program is another way to make money from traffic coming into your blog or ezine.  This is another type of affiliate program, and it’s one of the easiest ways to make money on the Internet.


You receive a commission from Google whenever someone clicks on a Google AdWords ad that you let Google run on your site.  You can enroll in Google AdSense and learn more about it by going here:


The focus of your efforts should just be on providing great content for your blog.  Your job is to keep your blog interesting and valuable so people keep coming back to read it.


Your income will then mostly take care of itself.  Once you have traffic coming into your site, figuring out all kinds of ways to make money from your traffic is easy.


There are many other ways to make money on the Internet.  But being a blogger and an affiliate marketer is the easiest and simplest way.


So there it is – “Your 8-Day Plan” for making money on the Internet.  The foundation of this plan is to sell the products of others – which removes about 90% of the headaches that come with running a business. 


To Your Success in Business and Happiness in Life,


Happy Improved Marketing,


Ben Hart

Your 21st Century Marketing Coach

because everyone (even Tiger Woods) needs a coach


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