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1. How To Write Blockbuster Sales Letters: 236 page book by legendary copywriter Ben Hart


Includes Proven Model Sales Letters and  Lead Generation Letters You Can Steal!



How To Write Blockbuster Sales Letters



In this book, you will learn . . .


    * Why the sales letter is the most powerful marketing tool ever developed
    * How you can earn $300,000 a year or more as a sales letter copywriter
    * The 9-step formula for writing successful sales letters
    * 17 reasons people buy
    * How to create an irresistible offer
    * How to use sales letters to build a 7-figure business quickly
    * How to start your letter
    * The science of writing headlines that sell
    * How the right headline can boost response to your letters 400%
    * How to force your prospect to make a decision now
    * The key difference between letters to business executives and letters to consumers
    * 41 magic phrases that will help every sales letter writer
    * How to write order forms that will double your order rate
    * How to conduct a zero-cost test mailing
    * How to create reply envelopes that boost your response rates 20% or more
    * 13 ways to get your reader to answer your letter now
    * The most powerful phrase in sales
    * The most persuasive word in sales
    * How to write an eye-catching guarantee that will triple response to your letters
    * The most common mistake made by writers of sales letters
    * The most important rule in sales
    * The surest way to make sure you succeed in business
    * The #1 business blunder
    * The big difference between mass-market sales letters and letters to business executives
    * The fastest, easiest way to improve your profitability
    * Seven systems for finding qualified leads
    * The four basic ways to build your list of customers
    * How to maximize income from your customer list
    * 68 ways to get your reader’s riveted attention
    * How to construct programs that will make customers loyal to you
    * How to calculate the long-term value of your customers
    * How to integrate your sales letters with the internet to supercharge your selling


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2. Automatic Marketing: 236 page book by Ben Hart


Automatic Marketing


How to build a robotic, hands-free selling machine


Never make another sales call


Grow your business explosively... while you sleep


Use The Marketing Strategies in This Book to Grow Your Sales Exponentially.

§        Double your sales in 90 days.

§        Make your marketing robotic, automatic and hands-free.

§        Turn your 60-hour work week into a six-hour work week.

§        Turn your annual income into your weekly income

§        No more sales calls. Let machines do all your selling for you.

§        Generate unlimited leads and sales automatically while you sleep.

§        Use 21st Century robotic marketing tools to leverage your time 1,000-fold . . . so that you can grow your sales geometrically, rapidly and with minimum effort.


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